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    Vintage 2019
    Color/Type White, Dry
    Body Medium
    Style Sustainable & Classic
    Barrel Stainless Steel
    Country Greece
    Region Mandinia/Arcadia

    Grade/Grading PDO Mandinia (Protected Designation of Origin)
    Grape Variety 100% Moschofilero
    Alcohol Content 12.5
    Volume 750ml
    Type of cork Cork
    Serving temperature 9-10°C

    About the wine.

    This wine has floral aromas characteristic of the Moschofilero grape, such as lemon, citrus and rose petals. The wine is characterized by a full, fruity palette with a long, aromatic finish. The grapes used for this wine are grown at 650 meters above sea level in a vineyard called Zevgolatio (meaning "cultivated land").

    It pairs well with seafood dishes such as paella and seafood spaghetti, lemon dishes, chicken cooked in curry or mustard sauce, green salads, appetizers, aromatic Asian dishes, small fried fish and vegetable tempura.

    In stainless steel tanks, the rosy scent of Moschofilero will blossom.

    About the winery.

    Semeli (or Semele) is a goddess in Greek mythology and is also known as the mother of Dionysus, the god of wine. Since its establishment in 1979, Semeli Estate has been a driving force in the Greek wine market and has contributed to the development of the wine industry. The sunny Mediterranean sun, the unique terroir, the expertise of our craftsmen and women, and the perfect blend of local and international grapes have made our wines a favorite of wine experts and customers all over the world. Now that we have established ourselves as a well-known wine brand in Greece, we are looking for challenges and opportunities to promote Semeli Estates wines around the world. Currently, 15% of our revenue comes from exports, mainly to the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and we expect to expand further in the future.

    A beautiful winery with a red streamlined roof
    Craggy mountains, lush vineyards surrounded by old cypress trees and olive groves. The Nemea region offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the Peloponnese. It is certified by the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) as an excellent producer of Agiorgitiko, an important indigenous Greek grape variety, and has maintained its traditions for 2,500 years. The Nemea region is considered the crown jewel of the new wine industry and the most important appellation in Greece, and Nemea's winemakers are among the best in the country.
    The Nemea region is one of the most important wine regions in Greece.

    The Semeli Estate vineyards are located at an altitude of 600 meters on the slopes of the mountainous Ktsi region (Nemea's most famous "cru"). Yields are low, and the fruit has a well-balanced, natural acidity. In addition to our own 250 acres of vineyards, grapes are grown not only in Kutsi, but also in neighboring areas such as Asprokampos and Kastraki by growers with whom we have developed long term relationships as trusted partners. This allows us to control the quality of the grapes throughout the growing season in order to produce excellent wines. Our main objective is to have a firm grasp on the potential of Nemea's vineyards to contribute to the local economy. Not only do we create jobs for the local community, but we also support our neighboring growers who produce high quality grapes at a fair price by advising them on growing practices.

    Winemaker Yannis Frerianos

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