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    Type Lager Beer
    Alcohol 4.7
    Ingredients Barley malt, water, maltose, hops, yeast
    Contents 330ml glass bottle
    Storage method Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
    Shelf life -Yes

    About the taste

    Since 1864, this is the Greek beer with the longest and richest tradition. If you've ever been to Greece, you've probably seen the green bottle. This well-balanced and mellow premium lager beer has been recognized worldwide for its quality and fine taste, winning a total of 38 gold medals.

    Mythos is a modern Greek lager with rich foam, a shiny blonde color and a pleasantly refreshing taste. In addition, it combines a hoppy aroma with a mild sweetness and a long-lasting aftertaste. The cap is a pull-tab, which makes it easy to open at bars, beaches, parks, and other outdoor locations.

    It is a must have in the summer and even in the cold season with hot fried food.

    Misos beer, a well-known Greek taverna.

    The No. 1 export beer in the world

    About Olympic Brewery

    Olympic Brewery is one of the largest companies in the Greek domestic beer market, created by the merger of Mythos Brewery and Olympic Brewery. Combining the Greek DNA with the global dynamics of the Carlsberg Group, it has emerged as a company that can not only drive but also change the Greek beer market.

    The company has two own breweries with an annual production capacity of 2.1 million hectoliters, located in Sindos, Thessaloniki and Ritsona, Evia, and produces FIX Hellas, FIX Dark, FIX Anef, Μythos, Mythos Radler, Kaiser, Henninger, Tuborg Soda, Tuborg Tonic Water, and Tuborg flavors Lemon / Lime-Green Tea / Orange-Cinnamon Soda.

    Olympic Breweries operates in more than 35 countries on five continents, serving thousands of customers every day through an extensive network of partners, vendors and distributors in Greece and abroad. At the same time, Olympic Breweries is represented by Carlsberg in Denmark, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc in France, Guinness and Kilkenny in Ireland, Grimbergen in Belgium, Angelo Poretti in Italy, Bayer's Weissbier Schneider Weisse, and Somersby carbonated cider.
    Misos Beer was launched in 1997.
    Mythos Brewery was founded in 1968 and launched Mythos Beer in 1997. The brewery is now integrated into the Olympic Brewery and is a member of the Carlsberg Group and is well known around the world.

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