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    Type Lager Beer
    Alcohol 5% alcohol
    Ingredients Barley malt, water, maltose, hops, yeast
    Contents 330ml glass bottle
    Storage method Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
    Shelf life -Yes

    About the taste

    In fact, beer as well as wine is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Greece. Fix Hellas is one of the most popular lager beers in Greece! With its soft yet full flavors, balanced bitterness, and mellow long finish, it is an ideal beer to enjoy at any time of the day and in any place. The satisfying, outstanding and refined bouquet of aromas at 5% alcohol is created by the rich malt aroma. It can be enjoyed on hot summer days as well as in the warmth of a winter room.
    Please try the power of the No. 1 beer in Japan.
    Year-round enjoyment of Fix Hellas
    A Greek beer with a rich heritage that has been handed down for over 150 years since 1864. The 150-year history of Olympic Brewery's brewing is inseparable from the timeless values of Greek tradition. The 150-year brewing history of Olympic Brewery cannot be separated from the timeless values of Greek tradition. The 150-year history of brewing at Olympic Brewery is inseparable from the timeless values of Greek tradition, the ancient Greek seal, and 150 years of travel around the world, which have combined to give Fix Hellas the high quality and reliability of a well-established brand, loved not only in Greece, but now in more than 20 countries.
    A perfect match with souvlaki, the local soul food!

    About Olympic Brewery

    Olympic Brewery is one of the largest companies in the Greek domestic beer market, created by the merger of Mythos Brewery and Olympic Brewery. Combining the Greek DNA with the global dynamics of the Carlsberg Group, it has emerged as a company that can not only drive but also change the Greek beer market.

    The company has two own factories, one in Sindos, Thessaloniki and the other in Ritsona, Evia, with an annual production capacity of 2.1 million hectoliters, producing FIX Hellas, FIX Dark, FIX Anef, Mythos, Mythos Radler, Kaiser, Henninger, Tuborg Soda, Tuborg Tonic Water, and Tuborg flavors Lemon / Lime-Green Tea / Orange-Cinnamon Soda.

    Olympic Breweries operates in more than 35 countries on 5 continents, serving thousands of customers every day, using an extensive network of partners, vendors and distributors in Greece and abroad. At the same time, Olympic Breweries is represented by Carlsberg in Denmark, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc in France, Guinness and Kilkenny in Ireland, Grimbergen in Belgium, Angelo Poretti in Italy, Bayer's Weissbier Schneider Weisse, and Somersby carbonated cider.

    History of the brewery since 1864 (Edo period in Japan)

    History of FIX

    After the liberation of Greece from the Turks, Ioannis Fiks came back from Munich to find his father while Greece was trying to recover. Ioannis moved to Heraklion (Attica) and started making beer, as many Bavarian officers had emigrated to Greece at that time. As a result, Ioannis Ficks began producing the first Greek beer named after his family, FIX.

    The great success of this beer led Ioannis FIX to move the brewery to nearby Kolonaki, where FIX beer became popular and fashionable among Greeks and began to spread throughout Athens.

    Ioannis' son, Carlos FIX, passed away, leaving the factory to his two sons, Yannis and Antonis. the two brothers worked hard and succeeded in growing the business further. FIX became synonymous with beer in Greece and was seen in every home, advertisement, and even movie theaters.

    To this day, FIX is enjoyed not only in Greece, but also in many other countries around the world.

    We hope you enjoy our 150 years of history!

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