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    Vintage 2020
    Color/Type Red, Dry
    Body Medium
    Style Natural & Low
    Barrel Aged Quevevry
    Country GEORGIA
    Region Gremi/Kakheti


    Grape Variety 100% Saperavi
    Alcohol Content 12.3
    Volume 750ml
    Type of cork Cork
    Serving Temperature 12-15°C

    [About the wine].

    This wine has a firm fruitiness with a clean acidity of mulberries, blackberries and ripe black cherries, accompanied by some sweet spice flavors. The wine was aged for 9 months in a traditional Georgian amphora (kvevri) after 12 days of skin contact. Not only do they use organic viticulture and winemaking, but they also use methods that can be enjoyed by vegans.

    Enjoy a variety of pairings with meat dishes such as gibier, pork, lamb, fish stew, cheese, ragout, beef stew, salami and cured ham.

    There are 35 indigenous grape varieties grown in the vineyards.

    About the winery.

    Cortabevis Marani is a new winery established in 2013 in Gremi, Kakheti region in western Georgia. The small vineyard of about 3 hectares is planted with more than 35 different grape varieties, including some of Georgia's most famous varieties such as Lukaziteli, Kakouri Mtsvane, Kisi and Saperavi, as well as many rare varieties found only in this region. In addition, there are many rare varieties found only in this region. All work in the vineyards is organic, the grapes are grown with as little intervention as possible in the winemaking process, and the wine is made in traditional Georgian kvevri (clay vessels). Cortabevis Marani's wines are exported not only to Europe, but also to Asian countries and the U.S., and are on the wine list of NOMA (Denmark), which is known as one of the best restaurants in the world. Cortabevis Marani aims to produce high quality wines using traditional techniques for the benefit of wine lovers around the world.

    Grapes grown using organic farming methods

    The winery was built using the old Kakhetian architectural style. The winery was built in the old Kakhetian architectural style, and therefore uses different sized kvevri, each of which is used for both fermentation and storage. The wines are not filtered and only use direct decanting techniques prior to bottling. The entire wine production cycle is done by hand.
    All the work in the cellar is done according to the lunar calendar: pressing, stirring, opening of the quevery, and bottling.
    Cortabevis Marani is a small winery, but currently exports to many countries, including France, Denmark, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and the United States.

    Wine maturing in the kvevri

    For generations, Georgia has prided itself on being the birthplace of wine. The statue of Mother Georgia overlooking the capital city of Tbilisi, with a sword in one hand and a cup of wine in the other, symbolizes the passion for freedom and the warm hospitality of the Georgian people. The world's oldest wine-producing country is now being proven by archaeological research. In 2015, a study of the history of agriculture was conducted.

    In 2015, scientists studying the history of agriculture discovered 8,000-year-old ancient pottery in an archaeological dig in southeastern Georgia. The Neolithic site was the result of a joint project between the National Museum of Georgia and the University of Toronto.
    Analysis of the residue (traces of grapes and grape seeds) in the pottery has been determined to be around 6000 BC. This revealed that ancient Georgia was the first place where grape winemaking was practiced. It turns out that winemaking in Georgia had been going on for 3,000 years before the invention of writing and 5,000 years before the beginning of the Iron Age.

    Winemaker Tamna Bizinashvili

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