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    The national drink of Greece made from anise.

    About the taste

    Ouzo is the national drink of Greece.
    A distillate of anise, ouzo is a semi-sweet liqueur with crystal clarity and aromas of licorice, anise and fennel.
    It is a perfect match for salty mezze, snacks, and seafood appetizers.
    When added to ice or water, the color changes from clear to a milky grayish white.
    Isidoros Alvanitis' ouzo is made from the highest quality natural ingredients.
    Isidros Alvanitis Ouzo is refined using the highest quality natural ingredients and a recipe that has remained unchanged for over 100 years.
    The distillation process is carried out in a traditional small copper distiller, which results in a more refined and milder finish.
    Mezze is a Greek appetizer or snack.


    The village of Plomari on the island of Lesbos has been producing ouzo since ancient times.
    The village of Plomari, on the island of Lesbos, has long been a center of ouzo production.
    In the early 19th century, ouzo was made by hand in Greek households.
    It is a traditional alcoholic drink that is still distilled using the same method today.
    In particular, the village of Plomari on the island of Lesbos has been blessed with an abundance of herbs thanks to the natural blessings of the land.
    The island of Lesbos and the village of Plomari, in particular, are blessed by nature with an abundance of herbs, and have been producing high-quality ouzo since the beginning.
    Due to its geographical location between Europe and Asia, Plomari was a busy commercial port in the 19th century, and the ouzo from Plomari became known to many parts of the Mediterranean coast by sailors and merchants.
    Perfect for Fresh Seafood
    There are many theories about the origin of the name ouzo.
    The most popular theory is that the word ouzo comes from the Italian phrase "Uso di Massalia," which means "used in Marseille.
    Marseille was one of the first places where Greece exported silk, and the
    boxes of silk sent there were marked with the words "Uso di Massalia ".

    One day, a certain monarch who was drinking anise distillate loved the taste and
    exclaimed, "This is
    Uso di Massalia," indicating that it was equal in
    quality to the product sent to Marseille.
    This is believed to be the origin of the name Uzo.

    A variety of flavors are hidden

    One of the most distinctive elements of ouzo is that it changes color when it comes into contact with water.

    This "emulsion" is derived from the essential oil of anise. When water is added, the temperature of the distillate is lowered and the alcohol content is also lowered.

    As a result, the essential oil, which was previously hidden in the distillate, appears and changes color.

    Please enjoy the time spent watching the colorless ouzo slowly turn into a grayish milky white as water and ice are added.

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