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    Type Liqueur
    Color Clear and colorless
    Ingredients Ingredients: alcohol, mastiha, beet sugar, water
    Contents 350ml
    Storage method Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

    About SKINOS

    SKINOS is the ancient Greek word for mastiha. The scent of SKINOS, made from that mastiha, cannot be described in a single word. Like the rocky shores of the sun-drenched Mediterranean, covered in wild herbs, crushed juniper berries and freshly harvested spearmint leaves, rain-soaked cedarwood and violet essential oils, it wears a deep, haunting scent. The balance between gentle sweetness and freshness, fruity and delicate, is what makes Skinos so versatile. It can be enjoyed on its own, chilled, as an aperitif or after-dinner drink, in a variety of cocktails, or used in cooking to flavor fish and other dishes, giving it a unique Mediterranean flavor.

    Skinos is one of the most popular Greek liqueurs, and is used in recipes served at international cocktail competitions. It has a unique taste that even professionals in the field of alcoholic beverages will appreciate.

    It is a liqueur that goes well with both simple and more complex cocktails.

    About Mastiha

    Since around 600 B.C., mastiha has been known as a natural food with various benefits, such as promoting digestion. Mastiha is made from the sap of the Mastiha tree, which is a mysterious tree found only on the volcanic island of Hios in the eastern Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Genoese, and Ottomans spread it around the world, and it became widely known as a food native to the Mediterranean. Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, is said to have once used a mixture of mastiha and honey to treat stomachaches and colds. Even today, mastiha is widely used in Greece for chewing gum and ice cream, and various scientific papers have been published on its oral care and digestive benefits. The sap of the mastiha tree is carefully harvested by skilled harvesters according to a long tradition. The yield from a single mastiha tree is approximately 80 to 2,000 grams per year.

    The sap is expertly extracted from the mastiha tree.

    Cocktail recipe

    Skinos Mandarin

    The Skinos Mandarin, inspired by the sun setting over the Aegean Sea, brings the freshness and vivid colors of a summer evening to the glass.

    1. in a shaker filled with ice, add 60ml of Skinos, 25ml of lemon juice, 25ml of orange juice (100% juice), 15ml of honey or sugar syrup, 3 small pieces of ginger, and shake well for 10 seconds. 2.
    Pour into a highball glass filled with ice and serve.
    Skinos Mandarin, inspired by the setting sun in the Aegean Sea

    Skinos Paloma

    This is a modern Greek version of the long drink from Skinos. The subtle salty taste invites the drinker to the Aegean Sea.
    1. fill a highball glass with ice, add 50ml of Skinos and 10ml of fresh lime juice, and mix well. 2.
    Add more ice and pour in grapefruit juice. 3.
    Garnish with a slice of grapefruit and salt the rim of the glass.
    Skinos Paloma with beautiful colors.

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