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    Vintage N/V
    Color/Type White, Natural Sparkling
    Body Medium
    Style Sustainable & Classic
    Aging Barrel Stainless Steel
    Country Greece
    Region Rhodes / Dodekanes Islands


    Grape variety 100% Asili
    Alcohol Content 12.5
    Volume 750ml
    Type of cork Cork
    Serving Temperature 7-9°C

    A fragrant sparkling wine made by a long-established winery in Rhodes.

    About the wine

    The Asili grape used for this wine is grown in the Harakaki and Kimisara vineyards on Mount Atavillos, a region particularly famous for its aromatic Asili grapes.
    It is elegant and refreshing, with aromas of apricot and brioche, and a good balance of acidity and fruitiness. We recommend pairing it with finger foods such as Parmesan cheese, salty fried foods, and dishes with fish roe.

    Fragrant Asili variety

    About the Winery

    Founded in 1928, Cair is one of the largest wineries in Greece and is known as the first winery in Greece to produce sparkling wine.
    Cair's vineyards are located on Mount Atavillos, in the area where the ancient city of Kimisara is said to have been located, on the island of Rhodes, which has been an important wine trading area since ancient Greece.
    The area is surrounded by mountains and rocky terrain, which gives the grapes a rich minerality, and is also known for its aromatic Asili grapes.

    Sunset over Mount Atavillos

    The history of CAIR dates back to 1928, when the Compagnia Agricola Industriale Rodi was founded by four Jewish Italians and two Italian nationals. This is the origin of the company's name, C.A.I.R., which is oriented towards agriculture and commerce.

    When Dodecanese was incorporated into Greece in 1947, the Agricultural Bank expressed interest in purchasing shares in CAIR, so CAIR became a Greek company instead of an Italian one.

    The company was owned by Mr. Bodosakis from the end of 1947 until April 1954, when he sold his shares to the Dodekanes Agricultural Cooperative Union.

    Historically speaking, CAIR was the first company in Greece to produce sparkling wine using the traditional method (second fermentation in the bottle - Méthode Traditionnelle).

    Historical wine cellars of the past

    The vineyards of Rhodes are spread out in the mountainous region from the center to the west. The elevation, soil, orientation and microclimate of the island combine to produce grapes of excellent quality. Sixty percent of the vineyards on Rhodes are devoted to the production of white wines using varieties such as Asili, Muscat White and Malagasy.
    The red wine varieties Mandilaria (also known as Amorgiano), Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo are produced in the northern part of Attavillos' mid-western arc, spanning Damaturia, Saracos and Kritinia.

    Grapes Nurtured by Magnificent Nature

    C.A.I.R. has a special relationship with the vineyards and winegrowers of Rhodes. We have long-term contracts with them to guide and scientifically support the cultivation of their vineyards in order to produce high quality grapes. Meanwhile, the company's own vineyards not only produce excellent wines, but also serve as a testing ground for new varieties that will revolutionize the C.A.I.R. product range.

    It is the goal of C.A.I.R. to introduce you to the characteristics of the Rhodesian terroir, expressed through its wines, both through the indigenous Rhodesian varieties, which have a history of at least 2500 years, and through the international grape varieties that grow on the island.

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