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    Vintage 2012
    Color/Type Red, Dry
    Body Full
    Style Sustainable & Classic
    Aging Barrels French oak barrels
    Country Greece
    Region Stenimachos / Naoussa


    Grade/Grading PDO Naoussa (Protected Designation of Origin)
    Grape Variety 100% Cucinomavro
    Alcohol Content 13.5
    Volume 750ml
    Type of cork Cork
    Serving temperature 16-18°C

    About the wine.

    Founded in 1879, the story of Butali Wine began with this wine. Enjoy the complex intertwining aromas that seem to pack the weight of its history. The complex aromas of tomato juice come first, followed by hints of vanilla, plum, roasted nuts and a hint of cigar. The wine is full-bodied with a firm acidity. It is best served at 16-18°C with red meats, game meats, pasta with cream sauce and cheese platters.

    Butali's vineyards are also frequented by swallows!

    About the winery.

    Butali was founded in 1879 by Ioannis Butaris with the aim of producing and selling high quality bottled wine. 1906 saw the completion of the first winery and wine retail store in the Naoussa region, and the launch of the first "red wine in a bottle" in Greece. This wine was "Naoussa Butali". Since then, Butali Wines has been further developed by children and grandchildren, and now has six wineries in Greece and exports to 25 countries. Today, Butali has six wineries in Greece and exports to 25 countries. Exports account for 40% of the total sales, and Butali wines are highly regarded in Greece and around the world.

    Butali was the first company to sell bottled red wine in Greece.

    Naoussa, one of the most beautiful places in Macedonia, Northern Greece, is the birthplace of Butali Wine, the oldest winery in Greece. In Naoussa, viticulture had long been lost. Butari not only re-established and protected the almost forgotten cultivation of the Kusinomavro grape, but also established the promotion of the variety and the PDO region by making special wines. Butali formed a few select groups of growers in the region and began to manage their vineyards. This led to the development of quality ratings that became a model for Greek wine standards.

    Awards such as the "International Winery of the Year 2010" and "European Winery of the Year 2008", both of which were awarded for the 13th time, are testimony to the excellent work and quality-driven attitude of the Butali winemaking team.

    Butali's vineyards on Mount Vermio

    The Naoussa vineyard is located on the sunny southeastern slopes of Mount Vermio, sheltered from the cold north wind. The abundant rainfall and relatively cool climate are ideal for grape development. The soils are marls and clay loams, rich in calcium, which are ideal for producing rich-bodied wines.

    Winemaker Mr. Vaziris Georgiou

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