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    Vintage 2015
    Color/Type Red, Dry
    Body Full
    Style Sustainable & Classic
    Barrel Allie oak barrels
    Country Greece
    Region Amindeon / Florina / Macedonia


    Grade/Grading PDO Amindeon (Protected Designation of Origin)
    Grape variety 100% Cucinomavro
    Alcohol Content 13% alcohol
    Volume 750ml
    Type of cork Cork
    Serving temperature 16-18°C

    [About the wine].

    Ripe blackberry nuances in the spices (vanilla, clove, pepper, etc.), vanilla aromas, round tannins, balanced acidity and oakiness. It is best served at 16-18°C with all red meats, pasta with tomato sauce, full-bodied cheeses, grilled chicken, and fried skewers.

    The hedgehog in the name is a hedgehog. There are many hedgehogs living near the winery. This bottle is full of the winery's respect for nature, as winemaking is not only a human activity, but the surrounding environment and animals are also involved in the cultivation of grapes.

    There are many animals living near the winery, including the harinezumi.

    About the winery.

    Alpha Estates is located in Amindéon in the Florina region of northwestern Greece, and was founded in 1997 by experienced viticulturist Makis Mavridis and oenologist Angelos Iatridis. After many years of experience in different parts of Greece, they chose the Amindéon region as the place to make their wines.

    Wine cellars that quietly mark time

    In wine production, the human element is essential to expressing what the unique ecosystem of a single block of 75 hectares of privately owned vineyards has to offer. The most important feature of Alpha Estates' work is the "soul" of the people who contribute to this dream every day. Respect for nature, high quality and environmentally friendly cultivation methods, and the wines produced are made possible by gentle and sustainable viticulture and winemaking in accordance with the latest international standards. Professional know-how, experience and the team's efforts in all stages of production and promotion are indispensable to produce wines sealed with the Alpha Estates label.

    Winemaker Angelos Iatridis.

    Alfa Estates' privately owned vineyards are located on a plateau between 620 and 710 meters above sea level, facing northwest and covering a total area of 180 hectares. The climate of the region is characterized by cold winters with ample rainfall and snow, providing the vines with the moisture they need in the winter to withstand the relatively dry summers. In addition, the two adjacent lakes provide a mild semi-continental climate that is suitable for the cultivation of both foreign and indigenous grape varieties.

    The sandy clay soils provide ideal drainage of rainwater, favorable climatic conditions during the ripening and harvesting periods, and proper viticultural practices allow the fruit to ripen to perfection, producing wines of exquisite quality and rich aroma.

    The density of the vineyard is 3900 vines/ha and the yield never exceeds 4000 kg per hectare (250hl/ha). To avoid extreme water shortages in the summer, we use "dry root zone irrigation" to ensure optimal conditions for grape ripening. Once the vines were old enough, they were used only for the core blend of Vin de Garde (Alpha Sinomavro), typical of VQPRD Amindéon. Today, a popular blend of Syrah/Merlot and ungrafted Cusinomavro is the Estate's red flagship (Alpha Estate Red), and a variety of other interesting wines are produced, including Syrah/Cusinomavro blends and Assyrtiko grown in Amindéon. The winery

    The marriage of ancient indigenous varieties with noble international varieties is the result not only of the demands of the modern market, but also of the spirit of "progress" that characterizes Angelos Iatridis winemaking. The following varieties are currently grown in the vineyards of Alpha Estates. Cousinomavro, Mavrodaphne, Syrah, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Tannat, Montepulciano, Negroamaro, Barbera, Malagasy, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer.

    Winery Winter Landscape

    The winery of Alpha Estates is located in the heart of the vineyard. This means that the transportation of the grapes from the vineyards to the winery during harvest can be done in the shortest possible time. By transporting the grapes in special refrigerators and harvesting during the coolest part of the day, we are able to respect and protect the characteristics of the grapes to the fullest extent.

    Natural gravity, a concept that has been applied in the design of the winery, is utilized throughout the winemaking process to reduce stress on the raw materials as much as possible. To protect the quality of grapes, juice and wine, all building materials are inert and neutral to ensure absolutely neutral air conditions in the winery. The management of the winery is simplified by applying a fully integrated building management system that covers everything from the processes to the machinery and mechanical functions in the winery, which can be managed from within the winery or from anywhere in the world. The majority of the winery and the machinery and equipment using the latest winemaking technology are monitored directly online, via modem, to ensure optimal performance.

    Absolute respect for the ecosystem, viticulturists and wine lovers. However, the most important and largest space in the winery is the underground cellar where the oak barrels used to age the Alpha Estate wines are stored under ideal and optimal conditions all year round. Specially designed passageways have been created for winery visitors so that they can tour the underground barrel cellar without disturbing the silence of the wine aging in the barrels.

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